Kaleidos Corner

Pet Illustrator - Digital Artist - Painter

Pet illustrations

Acrylic on wood rounds

Watercolor on cold press paper



Made with Procreate.


Various mediums

Pricing and expectatoins

Standard portrait:

Done on either paper or canvas board

  • First: Choose a size (see chart)

  • Second: Surface choice and paint. Watercolor or Acrylic.

Specialty portrait:

This is when you want a custom size or surface not under standard portrait.

  • First: Choose a size

  • Second: Surface choice

  • Expect a $100 increase in comparison to standard sizes depending on surface and size

Standard Prices:

Size (inches)Price (USD)Two (2) PetsThree (3) PetsFour (4) Pets

Additional Costs:

  • Any additional animal on an individual surface is a 20% increase up to three animals on one single surface (table above)

  • Shipping costs

  • Specialty Portraits: $100 dollar increase from standard portrait chart

Pet Bundles:

  • For every four (4) portraits ordered get the next one 50% off

  • applies only to five (5) of a kind orders

  • Note: This bundle can apply over multiple orders and is not a one time deal

Image Expectations:

Clear photo(s) of your pet(s), this chosen image will be a replicaPhotos MUST have good lightingNote: If you are doing multiple pets on one piece either submit a group photo or separate images of the animals

Usable (singles):

Usable (singles for merging):

Usable (group):


Commission Inquiries


For more art find me at my Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.To get a quote on a possible commission please fill the form out at the bottom of the Order Info tab or through email.